Vetfleece® Non-Slip Veterinary Bedding Vet Dog Cat Fleece Bed with Paws

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English Deutsch Français Italiano “The Original VETFLEECE”, now with Non Slip Backing, available direct to the public. VetFleece PRO Bedding – FREE POST – Anywhere in the UKThank you for viewing this listing. If you are unable to find the sizes that you need, we are able to supply bespoke items, please contact the office

English Deutsch Français Italiano “The Original VETFLEECE”, now with Non Slip Backing, available direct to the public. VetFleece PRO Bedding – FREE POST – Anywhere in the UKThank you for viewing this listing. If you are unable to find the sizes that you need, we are able to supply bespoke items, please contact the office on Tel: 01262 606 100 with your requirements and we will help where we can. “The Original Vetfleece” is the ultimate in pet bedding. This medical grade bedding is used by those involved in the care and welfare of all kinds and breeds of animal. Vet Fleece is used in the kennels and cages as bedding for sick, recuperating and whelping bitches. The double woven open weave backing allows bodily fluids to pass through the mat, into a receptacle or absorbent pad. (Available separately see details) This listing features the ribbed non slip backing. This backing makes it ideal for use with ceramic tiles, wood laminate flooring, dog cages / crates or car boot liners. The luxurious 30mm high pile offers comfort, warmth, and protection which is why it is used by kennels / catteries and pro breeders as standard bedding for all their animals. As this is a material and can have minor shape changes, we operate within a tolerance of +/- 3%. “Why not give your pet the ultimate bed experience.” If you would prefer our standard greenback in various colours, please click here. Washing instruction: We recommend that it is washed on a wool cycle in your washing machine and a cool tumble dry, it can be washed at 40 degrees. The main reasons to buy “The Original Vetfleece”: 1. You know you are buying the best. 2. Non Allergenic, non toxic and non irritant. 3. Will not harbour bacterial growth. 4. Allows bodily fluids to pass through keeping your pet dry. 5. Can be autoclaved and is quick drying. 6. Comfortable 30mm pile height. Veterinary Fleece Bedding aka VETFLEECE 1. Washing Instructions for Vet Fleece and commonly asked questions. All of our vet fleece comes with a sewn on washing label. We recommended that the vet fleece is washed at 40°, but vet fleece can handle much higher washing temperatures of up to Autoclavable standard 120°,which is normally used in veterinarian practices to kill all bacteria but this temperature does shorten the life time of the vet fleece if used all the time. a) Can you tumble dry vet bed/vet fleece? Yes but only on low heat. b) Can you use bleach to clean vet bed/vet fleece? No and there is no need to as vet fleece does not harbour bacteria. c) Can you Iron vet bed/vet fleece? No as it is made from polyester, which would cause it to melt and stick to the iron. d) Can you dry clean vet bed/vet fleece? No as dry cleaners use various chemicals and these chemicals can damage the fleece. e) Can you wash vet bed/vet fleece at 40 deg? Yes this is our recommended washing temperature to use when your pet is healthy. f) Can you wash vet bed/vet fleece at 95 deg? Yes but this is not our recommended washing temperature, but it is considered the ideal temperature if you have had an unwell pet using the fleece. g) Can I autoclave vet bed/vet fleece? Yes and this is normally done at veterinary practices and kennels where the fleece is getting used by many different pets to make sure diseases are not spread. h) Will washing pet bedding kill fleas? No and this not advised as you could contaminate your washing machine with the fleas. If you do have fleas on the vet fleece/vet bed or pet bedding please use the correct flea killing solution then once the fleas have been eradicated, wash your vetfleece/vet bed/pet bedding to make sure the bedding is flea free, clean and once again safe for your pets. i) Will the Colours run in the wash? No the colours are fast and will not run into each other. j) Will the backing come off? No the backing will not come off under normal usage. k) How to dry The Vet Fleece/Vet Bed can be dried by tumbling or by hanging outside on the washing line or inside on a clothes horse. l) Will fabric Conditioner effect it? Yes this can affect its properties we recommend that you DO NOT USE fabric conditioner. m) Will Vet Fleece shrink in the wash? There is a small chance that a minimal amount of shrinkage can occur on the first washes. n) Does the fibre come out? No the fibre does not shed, but there will be a little bit of loose fibre around the edge from where it was cut. These washing instructions are only to be used with genuine Vet Fleece we take no responsibility if you use these washing instructions on a non genuine Vet Fleece. We recommend the fleece is washed before it is used to avoid the problem of any loose fibre. 2. How to cut Vet Fleece at home. You can cut vetfleece at home by using a Stanley knife, accompanied by a marker pen and ruler this will ensure the best results from cutting. Please watch our demonstration video on how to cut vetfleece, of which our links are situated on our main page, Facebook page or YouTube page. We advise to use a Stanley knife and not a pair of scissors, as scissors will cut through the pile of the fleece leaving a tapered edge. 3. Is Vetfleece safe to use with all animals? Yes Vet Fleece is suitable for all types of animal, People use Vet Fleece in numerous situations for their pets. It is even safe for children! 4. Can we buy pet bedding rolls? We can supply full rolls of vetfleece but this needs to be ordered over the telephone as roll sizes vary. We will have to check the roll length before quoting. Please ring the office on 01262 606 100. 5. How much is there on a full vet fleece roll? A full vet bed roll can vary from 13 metres to 20 metres. 6. What is the Maximum width? 1.5 metres – (60″) with about 7.5 cm – (3″) of excess unbacked fleece along the edge. 7. Is Vetfleece manufactured in the UK? – We are very proud to say that all of our Vetfleece is manufactured in the lovely county of Yorkshire. – We would like to add that this fleece is ordered worldwide and is known for its high quality. 8. What is the lifespan of Vetfleece? Vetfleece can last for many years when washed correctly. We cannot give an exact lifespan as it depends on how it is treated. 9. Who sells Vetfleece? We are the only vet fleece/vet bed stockists as we have cut out all the middlemen to bring you the best quality of Pet bedding made in Yorkshire at a price that’s affordable. 10. Will Vet Fleece ship abroad? – Yes we will ship abroad but we would have check the carriage rate to the country that you choose to have the Vetfleece sent. Please ring the office for prices. – We have had orders from customers in: Vetfleece Canada Vetfleece Ireland Vetfleece America Vetfleece France Vetfleece Japan Vetfleece Germany Vetfleece Italy Vetfleece Sweden Vetfleece Australia 11. Does Vet Fleece have Facebook or Twitter? Yes Vetfleece does have its own Facebook and its own Twitter pages. 12. Do you use it yourself? We personally don’t but our pets do they have grown up on this fleece and have even started a new generation! 13. Vet Fleece whelping puppies? Yes our vet fleece is ideal for lining a whelping cage. The high pile gives the puppies traction for finding mum and also allows free passage of air to prevent suffocation. It also keeps the mother and baby warm and dry whilst retaining body heat and reducing the risk of hypothermia. 14. Can Vet Fleece be used for lining a cage? Vetfleece is a vet grade fleece cage liner. Vetfleece is ideal for lining a cage with its non allergenic properties etc. 15. Can Vet Fleece be used with inco pads? Inco pads are vetfleeces best friend. These help with the prevention of water trails from the whelping cage or pen. We have a range of washable and disposable inco pads. 16. Will it stain? With Vetfleece being made from polyester part of this fibre’s properties are that liquids will not absorb into the fleece therefore stains are not left. 17. Does it smell? There is sometimes a smell that comes with the vetfleece but this will wear off especially when you wash the Vetfleece. But please don’t worry this smell is not toxic in any way. 18. Does Vet Fleece moult or fray? Vetfleece will not moult but there is some fraying, this is because of how it is made but the fraying will stop after a couple of washes. 19. How do I know it is genuine vet bed/vet fleece? The only way to know that you are getting genuine Vetfleece is to order from our EBAY STORE we do NOT sell to third party retailers as we like to keep our prices as competitive as possible. If the vet fleece you have received does not have vet fleece washing instructions with the vetfleece logo sewn on then this is not genuine. If it hasn’t got this sewn on we urge you to be careful as we cannot guarantee that it is safe for your pets. There is a misperception that if it has a greenback it is genuine Vetfleece, this is not true. There are people selling greenback fleece that is not Vetfleece and does not meet our high standards. 20. What happens if my dog eats or chews the fleece? IF EATEN PLEASE SEEK VETERINARIAN ADVICE STRAIGHT AWAY. Our Vetfleece has a tough and tightly knit backing to prevent your pet eating the fleece but there are some pets out there that will not stop at anything just to try and eat it and you as an owner will be aware if you have a pet like this. 21. Will the colour fade? No matter how many times the fleece is washed, the colour will stay the same. 22. Can you order for next day? If your order is placed before 1pm we will send your item 1st class royal mail or 24 hour courier depending on the size, but if you need it guaranteed next day delivery you will need to place your order by telephone as there could be a charge for this service. 23. Can I order bespoke shapes? You can order bespoke shapes and sizes but this will need to be ordered over the telephone 01262 606 100, fax 01262 602 102 or e-mail the shape, if it is a bespoke shape it is sometimes easier if you watch our YouTube video on how to cut and order a size a little bigger than the shape you would like. 24. Can we use for disabled animals? Yes this is one of the best products that you can buy for a sick animal as it gives them warmth and comfort but also lets any fluids pass through. This vet fleece is known as veterinary fleece as it is favourably used in the veterinary practices. Shipping Terms & Condition: All items are in stock (unless otherwise stated) and are dispatched to you within 24 hours (1 business day) of your payment being received and in most instances the same day when ordered before 1:00pm. “Please note that items purchased on weekends and Bank Holidays are dispatched the next working day.” UK Delivery – Royal Mail 1st Class. – Fedex Next working day guaranteed. Shipping Addresses: Without exception we can only ship your purchase to the address you supplied through Ebay at the time you made payment to us.. This is a necessary security measure. “The Original VETFLEECE”, jetzt mit rutschfester Unterlage, erhältlich direkt an die Öffentlichkeit. VetFleece PRO Bettwäsche – Porto 16,45 EUR Das original Vetfleece ist in zwei Ausführungen mit verschiedenen Designs und Mustern erhältlich. Das Vetfleece-Herstellungsverfahren. Als Erstes fertigen wir das Grundgewebe mithilfe einer Rundstrickmaschine mit einem Umfang von 160 cm. Anschließend weben wir den Polyester-Flor gemäß der gewünschten Länge und Dichte in V-Form ein. Die verschiedenen Farben bestimmen das endgültige Muster des Vetfleece. Nun schneiden wir das rundgestrickte Produkt auf und führen es durchein Walzensystem, in dem die Unterseitenbeschichtung aufgetragen wird (sie fixiert die Fasern). Dann schneiden wir die Oberfläche auf die gewünschte Länge zu und saugen das Vetfleece ab, um lose Fasern zu entfernen. Die verschiedenen Vetfleece-Arten. Wir bieten Vetfleece in zwei verschiedenen Ausführungen an: als Greenback- und als rutschfestes Modell. Das Greenback-Fleece eignet sich besonders für Tierarztpraxen und Wurfzimmer bzw. -kisten, da es bei 90°C gewaschen oder autoklaviert werden kann und somit hilft, Erkrankungen vorzubeugen. Sofern das Greenback-Fleece nicht stark verschmutzt ist, sollte es bei 40°C gewaschen werden. Die steife grüne Unterseite ist bissfest. Das rutschfeste Fleece wird auf dieselbe Art und Weise hergestellt und verfügt über nahezu die gleichen Eigenschaften wie die Greenback-Ausführung. Es kann aufgrund der rutschfesten Unterseite jedoch nur bei 40°C gewaschen werden. Es eignet sich perfekt für Holz- und Fliesenböden, Zwinger oder allgemeine Anwendungen und ist in verschiedenen Designs erhältlich. Die Vorteile von Vetfleece. – Nicht-allergen, nicht-toxisch, nicht-reizend und bakterienhemmend. – Die Fasern halten Welpen und Kätzchen warm und geben ihnen guten Halt, um ihre ersten Schritte zu wagen. Darüber hinaus ist das Fleece luftdurchlässig und reduziert somit die Erstickungsgefahr. – Die weitmaschige Unterseite leitet Körperflüssigkeiten durch, und auch der Flor nimmt keine Flüssigkeit auf, sodass Ihr Vierbeiner stets trocken und warm bleibt. – Die Fasern leisten einen wirksamen Beitrag zur Vermeidung von Druckgeschwüren bei kranken oder genesenden Tieren. Verwendung von Vetfleece. Vetfleece kann in verschiedenen Situationen verwendet werden, in Tierarztpraxen, Zwingern, Wurfzimmern, Körbchen u. v. m. Wenn das Haustierbett eine längliche, ovale oder andere Form aufweist, kann Vetfleece mit einem scharfen Teppichmesser zugeschnitten werden. Schneiden Sie dazu einfach entlang des Musters auf der Unterseite des Fleece. (Achten Sie beim Schneiden bitte auf Ihre Finger!) Aufgrund der Art des Gewebes und seiner natürlichen Flexibilität gewähren wir eine Toleranz von 3 % bei allen Maßen. Vor der Verwendung von Vetfleece. Alle im Herstellungsverfahren verwendeten Maschinen müssen geschmiert werden, um zu funktionieren. Rückstände dieses Schmiermittels können bei der Fertigung auf das Fleece gelangen. An der Webkante des Fleece sind die Fasern nicht durch die Unterseitenbeschichtung fixiert, sondern lose. Schneiden Sie sie nicht mit einer Schere ab, da Sie dadurch die Unterseite beschädigen könnten. Die Webkante wird in der Regel nicht entfernt, kann aber problemlos mit einem Kantenlineal und einem scharfen Messer abgetrennt werden. Wir empfehlen, Vetfleece vor der ersten Verwendung zu waschen und eventuelle Verklumpungen mit einer Hunde-oder Kleiderbürste zu entfernen. “Le VETFLEECE d’origine”, maintenant avec l’aide de glissade non, disponibles directement au public. VetFleece PRO Literie – affranchissement 16.45 EUR Le Vetfleece original existe en deux styles et différents modèles et motifs. La fabrication du Vetfleece. Dans un premier temps, le support du Vetfleece est tressé sur un métier à tricoter circulaire, d’une circonférence de 160 cm. Ensuite, la texture de polyester est tissée sur le support de manière à former un « V », selon la longueur et la densité souhaitée. Ce sont les différents coloris tissés qui déterminent l’aspect final du motif. À cette étape, le morceau tissé circulaire est fendu pour l’aplatir, puis passé dans une série de rouleaux pour appliquer une enduction d’envers. Cette enduction permet de maintenir les fibres en place. Enfin, la surface est coupée selon la hauteur de tissu souhaitée, puis aspirée pour éliminer les restes de fibre. Les différents types de Vetfleece. Nous proposons deux différents types de Vetfleece, le Greenback et le Non-Slip. Le Greenback est le tapis qui répond le mieux aux besoins des vétérinaires et des jeunes animaux, car il peut être lavé à 90°C ou autoclavé, en prévention des maladies. Nous vous conseillons, s’il n’est pas taché, de le laver à 40°C. Le revêtement vert, plus rigide, résiste à la mastication des chiots. Le Non-Slip est fabriqué de la même manière et possède la plupart des qualités du Greenback, mais ne peut être lavé qu’à 40°C en raison de son revers antidérapant. Son point fort est le revers antidérapant, idéal pour les parquets, carrelages, cages, etc. Il existe dans différents modèles. Les avantages de Vetfleece. – Nos produits sont hypoallergéniques, non-toxiques, non-irritants et ne favorisent pas la croissance bactérienne. – Grâce aux fibres, les chiots et chatons restent au chaud tout en ayant l’appui nécessaire pour trouver les mamelles à téter. En outre, l’air peut passer librement et évite l’asphyxie. – Les larges mailles du support laissent passer les fluides corporels et le tissu ne retient pas les liquides: votre animal reste au sec et au chaud. Les fibres supportent le poids du corps et permettent de lutter contre les escarres des animaux malades ou en convalescence. Comment utiliser Vetfleece. Vetfleece peut être utilisé dans différentes situations : chez le vétérinaire, au chenil, par l’éleveur, chez vous, etc. Si votre panier est de forme oblongue, ovale ou de toute autre forme, vous pouvez couper Vetfleece à l’aide d’un cutter (type Stanley) bien affûté, en dessinant simplement une forme à l’arrière du tapis et en coupant soigneusement le long de cette forme. (Attention aux doigts !) En raison du type de tissu et de son mouvement naturel, nous prévoyons une marge de 3 % sur toutes les mesures. Avant d’utiliser Vetfleece pour la première fois. Tous les outils utilisés pour la fabrication de Vetfleece doivent être graissés pour fonctionner correctement: il est possible que certains produits de lubrification atteignent le tissu. La partie huilée du tissu ne comporte pas l’enduction d’envers qui maintient les fibres en place. Là où le tissu a été découpé, bien qu’il ne s’effiloche pas, certaines fibres se libèrent. Ne coupez pas avec une paire de ciseaux, car vous couperiez les fibres ainsi que le support. La lisière est généralement laissée sur le tissu, ce qui est en fait un plus gratuit pour vous: avec une règle droite et un couteau bien affûté, vous pouvez aisément l’enlever. Enfin, avant la première utilisation, nous vous conseillons de laver Vetfleece pour éliminer les agrégats, mais vous pouvez les brosser à l’aide d’une brosse pour chien ou pour vêtements. “Il VETFLEECE Original”, ora con l’appoggio di slittamento non, disponibili direttamente al pubblico. VetFleece PRO Bedding – affrancatura 23.77 EUR Il Vetfleece originale è disponibile in due stili con diversi motivi e disegni. Come viene prodotto Vetfleece. La prima fase di produzione di Vetfleece riguarda il fondo intessuto, che viene prodotto con una macchina per maglieria circolare e ha una circonferenza di 160 cm. Sul fondo viene quindi intessuto il pile in poliestere, a forma di ‘V’, della lunghezza e della densità desiderate. Infine i diversi colori intessuti determinano il motivo finale. Durante questa fase, la maglia circolare viene appiattita tramite incisione e fatta passare attraverso una serie di rulli che applicano il rivestimento del fondo, sul quale si fissano le fibre in posizione. In seguito la superficie in pile viene tagliata all’altezza richiesta e aspirata per rimuovere le eventuali fibre liberate. I diversi tipi di Vetfleece. Vetfleece è disponibile in due tipi diversi, con fondo verde e con fondo antiscivolo. Il tipo con fondo verde è più spesso associato alle esigenze veterinarie e di allevamento, perché puo essere lavato a 90°C o in autoclave, per la prevenzione delle malattie, anche se consigliamo un lavaggio normale a 40°C se la sporcizia non è eccessiva. Il fondo rigido verde è resistente ai morsi dei cuccioli. Il tipo antiscivolo è prodotto allo stesso modo e vanta quasi tutte le qualità del tipo a fondo verde, ma puo essere lavato solo a 40°C. Il vantaggio è appunto il fondo antiscivolo, perché è l’ideale per pavimenti in parquet o in piastrelle e per gabbie per uso generico ed è disponibile in più motivi. I vantaggi di Vetfleece. – Non è allergizzante, non è tossico, non è irritante e non promuove la crescita batterica. – Le fibre tengono caldi i cuccioli, fornendo contemporaneamente la trazione necessaria per trovare la mamma e succhiare il latte, e permettono il passaggio dell’aria per evitare il soffocamento. – La trama aperta del fondo permette il passaggio dei fluidi corporei e il pile non trattiene i liquidi, mantenendo l’animale caldo e asciutto. – Le fibre supportano il peso dell’animale, contribuendo alla prevenzione delle piaghe da decubito su animali malati o convalescenti. Come usare Vetfleece. Vetfleece puo essere usato in diverse situazioni da veterinari, canili, allevatori e privati. Se il letto del tuo animale domestico ha una forma oblunga od ovale o un’altra forma, Vetfleece puo essere ritagliato a misura con un taglierino affilato: è sufficiente disegnare la forma desiderata sul fondo del tessuto e ritagliarla con cura (con attenzione alle dita). Grazie alla natura stessa del tessuto e ai suoi movimenti naturali, è permessa una tolleranza di 3% su tutte le misure. Prima di usare Vetfleece. Tutti i macchinari impiegati nella fabbricazione di Vetfleece devono essere lubrificati per consentirne il funzionamento; durante il processo di fabbricazione parte di questo lubrificante puo riversarsi sul tessuto. L’orlo del tessuto non dispone del rivestimento posteriore che fissa le fibre e, benché il tessuto non si sfilacci nel punto in cui viene tagliato, alcune fibre possono staccarsi. Non usare le forbici, perché tagliano le fibre insieme al fondo. A tale scopo sul tessuto viene generalmente lasciato un orlo supplementare, che puo essere facilmente rimosso con un righello e un coltello affilato. Prima di usare Vetfleece è consigliabile lavarlo. Possono formarsi dei grumi di tessuto, ma è possibile eliminarli con una spazzola per cani o per abiti. Product Introduction Video © 2017 Vetfleece